2021 Vintage Report

The trend of below average rainfall continued through the winter and spring leading into the 2021 vintage. Fortunately the rainfall we did receive was perfectly timed to coincide with budburst and flowering. The weather was also unusually mild though fruit set, with very little wind. This resulted in a good potential crop and long elongated bunches of grapes. Canopy growth was strong and some slight skirting of the vines was required in the more vigorous growth blocks to open up the canopy and allow good natural airflow. 

Through ripening and continuing into the harvest the weather remained mild. Cool to cold nights and warm days allowed great natural acid retention in the grapes, and slow flavour/colour and tannin development in the fruit. Harvest commenced on the 18th February with the Hill section of the Apricot Block, and concluded on the 26th of March with the Moppa Grenache. Crop levels were back to a historical ‘average’, and the extraction of juice was higher than has been seen for a number of years. 

The vintage will be remembered as one of best in living memory. The wines across the board display classic varietal character, rich fruit and have a lively youthfulness that persists through barrel maturation to bottling. There is an amazing density of colour and vibrant/inviting hues to all wines. The tannins are full, ripe and silky in structure.