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Having been dragged (screaming and kicking!) into the 21st century we now have a website!

However, people who know us well realise that we enjoy the simple pleasure of growing grapes and producing fine wines, so the likes of computers, ipads, mobiles, etc take us some time to get our heads around.  Our loyal band of employees have beaten their heads against the cellar door wall to do their best to keep us up with technological advances, and having a website is a huge step for us!  It will evolve slowly, like our winery, and mature over time, just like our wines.  So be patient and enjoy the journey.

Nonetheless we want to make it clear that we are old dogs who still believe in a lot of our core beginnings.  We value many basic principles like trust, honesty, integrity, hard work, laughter, family and friends, so many things you see on this website will be a reflection of those ideals.

Our original tiny cellar door was opened in 1988 with two wines – our 1986 Creek Block Shiraz and the 1988 Chardonnay.  Life was simple for us back then; it meant working long days which were physically tiring, but immensely rewarding.  Tight cash flow, curculio beetles and salvation jane were all part and parcel of accepting life on the land.

We have always been a genuine estate winery.  Our vineyards are dry grown and the grapes from each patch are kept separate and processed at our small winery.  We do not purchase grapes, so consequently our produc- tion can vary considerably from year to year. 

In April 2016 our life changed dramatically when we opened a new cellar door in the heart of Marananga.  This development has provided our customers with a much more spacious tasting area, lovely landscaped grounds, and a larger office area for our clerical and cellar door staff.  It has also meant that we have our home back!  As much as we love having visitors, there comes a time when it is good to work in the vegie garden or sit on the verandah with some degree of privacy. 

The move has also brought with it 3 bed and breakfast suites - The Marananga Cottages.  Just an added dimension to our wine business!

For those folk who have not travelled with us over the past years, this website will give you a small insight into what has made Greenock Creek Wines what it is today.

Now that you have visited our site, please continue on the journey with us into the future.

Michael & Annabelle Waugh

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